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CPR Learning

Our School is preparing our student for every situation in there life.Recently we Conducted a CPR Teaching Programme with the help of Heart Care Foundation Of India(H.C.F.I).

This kind of Learning can make our students aware and could provide helping hand to the needy pearson.

Activities like this which are usefull for our society are been taught as a fun activity to inculcate good personality in our students.

Photos of this Training Session

Show & Tell Activity

Show and Tell Activity is been conducted as an interactive session between Nursury Children and Teacher's

We have Kept these kind of interactive session as this would make small children aware of their surroundings.This make them Comfortable and Bold enough to stand infront of a Mob and Speak.

Geeta Chanting

Geeta Chanting is the part of the main activity which comes under Grooming our Students Mentally,Physically,Spiritually.

Chanting help students to speak up boldly and clearly.The meaning of Shrimad Bhagavad Gita help them to be a Better Person & to come out of Every Odd-Even Sitution.

Co-Cirricular Activities

Co-Cirricular Activities is the most essential part of school life,which is wholeheartedly practiced in our school.

Co-Cirricular Activities include activites like Dance & Music Competition,Annual Fest,Sports Meet,Inter-House Debate Competition.These kind of activity help to create a friendly and cultural Society within the School Campus.

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