Chinmaya Vision Program

Chinmaya students to be successful and humanitarian world citizens, who adopt and breathe a holistic vision of life-one that allows them to face life and its challenges positively and dynamically, while always generously giving back to society in myriad ways.Since its inception, CVP has indeed raised the professional calibre and personal value of the Chinmaya institutions, making them noteworthy academic and spiritual forums of modern day. While the child is of course the focal point of this programme, CVP also takes into account and methodically addresses the vital roles of school management, teachers, and parents.

CVP is the manifest of Gurudev’s vision of education wherein apart from academic courses, the focus is to bring out the four important aspects of Holistic development in a child: Integrated Development, Indian Culture, Patriotism and Universal Outlook.

Vidyalaya provides conducive environment for development of overall aspects of society; i.e, Physical, emotional, intellectual and spiritual.The focus on personality development in the form of health awareness, accepting the physical aspects of one’s body, and being comfortable in one’s own unique style blooms into a well developed physical personality.Ability to deal with anger, jealousy, sadness, greed; to be educated on how to emote, connect with others, enjoy, laugh are regular inclusions of our Emotional development training.

Mind can travel into realms known, only intellect can travel into realms unknown. As part of CVP we provide the best of opportunities and roots to imagine and explore beyond the documented horizons by manifest of intellectual development.Spirituality develops with emotions and intellect and grows with age. The regular interactions with eminent visionaries and spiritual gurus ascertain that our children are well groomed spiritually and metamorphose into strongly rooted adults.

Ours in an ancient civilization and we imbibe our “sanskar” from our community. Far and wide interactions , community services, excursions etc. nourish our children with true colours of our culture and traditions.

Patriotism is not “Vande Matram” alone, it is neither laying one’s own life fighting for the cause of one’s motherland; patriotism in true sense is a motherly affection towards ones’s own country. Love, that keeps a person emotionally attached to the motherland just like a child to its mother. Chinmayites develop the spirit of Patriotism in true sense learning to love their own motherland with equal honors for all fellow nations.

We all belong to the same global platform and the education is incomplete without realizing the value of our natural resources, maintaining the ecological balance and caring for mother earth. The concept of universal outlook is to understand whole universe as one, and thereby, ponder on the impact of our deeds before we can actually dewll into one. So an aware citizen will realise that ozone depletion will effect beyond the boundaries of country and religion and act accordingly!