Swami Prakarshanandaji’s Session

Quieten the mind and let the soul talk

Meditation is to be aware of every thought and of every feeling, never to say it is right or wrong, but just to watch it and move with it .In that watching you begin to understand the whole movement of thought and feeling and out of this awareness comes the silence.

June 27,2017 ushered in an amalgamation of serenity and quiet breathing when Pujya Swami Prakashanda Ji enchanted the educationists at Chinmaya Vidyalaya with his sempiternal and enlightening words on how to balance our thoughts .On earth there is nothing great but man, in man there is nothing great but mind and this mind is most mighty to steer us to the paramount or sink us into the pit of negativity. A state of tranquillity was experienced when the humble learners were taught the basics of meditation by focussing on breathing life in and out.

Swamiji’s session continued the next day wherein he dwelled upon the fact that mind is a bridge between our body and intellect. Negativity stems from the mind which is a weakness. Swamiji also stressed on the essential goodness of heart and the importance of walking on a righteous path in life. He said that to gain knowledge; determination and sacrifice play a vital role. We need to defeat the defeatist in us to do miracles. The higher the responsibility, the greater sacrifice is required. Understanding of our roles is an essential component of our lives and as teachers we should ensure a clear understanding of our indispensable role in moulding the lives of our younger generation.

The third day of the session gave us deep insight into the four main requisites to perform any art. – Determination, Enthusiasm, Perseverance and patience. We can inculcate these qualities with a calm and peaceful mind. We can balance our emotions only when our mind is healthy and stable. The most disturbing thing for an individual is criticism and one should learn the art of handling criticism. He further said that conditioning of the mind is important for each individual and we should not harbour any preconceived notions as they cause suffering.

The four -day long session culminated with Swamiji’s valuable views on superimposition of the ideas, difference between reaction and response. Elaborating on these subjects of paramount significance, he highlighted that everything in this world, big or small, living or non-living, comes with pros and cons. Nothing is labelled good and bad since birth or origin. It is our perception or personal experience with that thing that forms our viewpoint. He enlightened the gathering by shedding light on the difference between reaction and response. Our immediate action to a situation is called reaction and it may be negative. On the contrary, response is more often a thoughtful and planned action and it is usually positive.

Swamiji is an embodiment of spirituality, human values and ethics. Going by the tradition of paying respect to the Spiritual Guide, Mr. Anand proposed his vote of thanks on behalf of the entire Chinmaya Family. Mr. Lalit from Music department and Mr. Naik from the Office had the great privilege of offering ‘Gurudakshina’ and flowers to Swamiji. At the end, Swamiji distributed prasad pustika to the entire staff.

In order to seek guidance for our spiritual growth, we look forward to such fruitful sessions in future.