We are happy that you are considering Chinmaya Vidyalaya for your child. This gives us an opportunity to share with you what the Vidyalaya stands for and help you make a conscious decision and a stakeholder in the decision process.

Below mentioned is our vision about education. We would like you to read this carefully and understand deeply the meaning implied. Should you have any questions about the same please do not hesitate to get in touch with our teachers or volunteers present in the school.

Who is best suited for Chinmaya Vidyalaya?

The school is best suited for parents who are questioning the current values that are existing in society and are eagerly looking for a learning that is free of tension for the child.

The school is best suited for parents those who value the freedom to explore themselves and are willing to commit themselves to the bringing up of the children with the school. Parents those who are open to alternatives ways of education, who are not narrow minded in their view about education.

Who is not suited for Chinmaya Vidyalaya?

Parents those who are only focused on child’s academic performance and believe that only strict discipline, hammering the child into a particular mould can make him or her into a ‘good and successful human being’.

Parents those who feel that it is only the responsibility of the school i.e. the teachers to bring up a child and that parents have very limited role to play are not suited for the Vidyalaya.

On our approach to learning for the child.

Perfection of the child is our aim and not merely academic brilliance. Chinmaya Vidyalaya is committed towards an integral development of the child focusing on the physical, emotional, mental & intellectual and spiritual development of the child. The education philosophy is premised out of our strong Indian cultural heritage and is in no manner completely influenced by modern or western education system.