• School Almanac should be brought by student daily to the school.
  • Students should reach the school at least 10 mins. before the 1st bell. Late comes shall be panelized and sent back home.
  • Leaves should be pre sanctioned. Absentees for more than seven days will result in name being struck off rolls.
  • Students should be well groomed. Fancy jewellery, grown nails, nail paints are not allowed.
  • Expensive pens, jewellery, cash etc should not be brought to school. Electronic gadgets not allowed and if found shall be confiscated.
  • Students of Chinmaya Vidyalaya are expected to set a standard of good conduct & good behavior & must take care of school property.
  • The school reserves the right to suspend a student for indiscipline or any act of misconduct.
  • Parents are expected to cooperate by enforcing regularity & discipline.
  • Parents attendance for PTMs & other orientation programmes is obligatory.
  • The detailed rules & expectations can be referred to in the school almanac.