ATAL TINKERING LAB (ATL) is an approach of Central Government of India to create an environment of scientific temperament, innovation and creativity among Indian students. ATL teaches students the essential 21st-century skills which will help them in developing their professional and personal skills.

In this world of advancement in Science and Technology there is an urgent need to provide technical skills to the students along with theoretical knowledge. ATL is the best platform for the students to learn Engineering skills at the school level starting from Class VI. Students get an opportunity for hands on with electronics equipment including the sensors and developing the skill of circuit making, programming, 3D printing, Drone making and even the skills of handling tools like soldering machine, drill machine, glue gun, hacksaw, pliers, screw drivers etc.

ATL students also get an opportunity to learn software skills like developing WebApp, Android App & Games and are also being trained to do 3D designing on TinkerCad and hence operate 3D printer. Every year our students participate in the competitions and make innovative projects for the same. Many students and teams have brought laurels by winning prizes in these competitions.