Education is a lifelong process of development of one’s personality which starts from the school. In today’s time, when there is a huge crisis of moral values in society, value- based education proves to be the solution. Through value-based education, we develop our children into people with strong character and values who know how to utilize their knowledge for the advantage of mankind. With Value Education embraced into our curriculum, our students emerge as all-round and well-developed individuals, holistically ingrained with a humane outlook and integrity of spirit, not just fulfilling their lives but also strong enough to meet the challenging times ahead.

The 'Vyaktitva' of the student is developed with the following practices:

*Text Reading - Scriptures and books based on values.
*Discussions and interactions - How can values be followed more practically rather than just reading theoretically.
*Chanting - Vedic mantras
*Meditation - Mindfulness and doing self-introspection.
*Circle time - Students presenting their ideas and life experiences.
*Connecting- the lessons with day-to-day examples
*Creating a friendly environment in the class - Not just teaching but learning with the students
*Sewa Activities - Serving the family, society, school, nation and world.