Holistic Development - The Purpose of Education

01 November, 2023

At Chinmaya Vidyalaya, Vasant Vihar, the students are placed at the centre of all the learning initiatives. It is the flagship school of the Chinmaya Education Cell, CCMTEC, that runs over 80 schools in the country.

Chinmaya Vidyalayas are guided by Chinmaya Vision Programme, CVP, which is a translation of Swami Chinmayananda’s thoughts on education. It is the inspiration behind the student-centric approach to education followed by the Vidyalaya and also helps the students form a connection with Indian culture.

It is this learner-centric approach that has helped Chinmaya Vidyalaya, New Delhi be consistently ranked among the finest schools in New Delhi. It has recently been adjudged the 4th Best School in South-West Delhi District by Times School Survey, 2023, and was ranked 1st in Unique Classroom Initiatives by Education Today.

Ms. Shibani Khorana, the Manager of the Vidyalaya mentioned that the school management takes inspiration from the scriptures that dictate that “One should not be negligent of the truth, of duty, of welfare and self-study and teaching of higher knowledge.”

The Chinmaya Vision Programme emphasizes holistic development that includes the mental, physical, spiritual and intellectual development of each child. The children are encouraged to develop a universal outlook and develop an understanding of the world around them. It also lays the foundation for developing patriotism, understanding the ancient Indian civilization, and taking pride in Indian cultural heritage.

Swami Chinmayananda believed in the immense power of the youth to shape the country’s future, and that to be a true leader one needs to be firmly rooted in the culture.

The Vidyalaya is ably guided by Ms. Archana Soni as the Principal. She is an eminent educationist with several awards to her credit, the most recent one being Top 50 Effective Principals by Education Today.

Ms. Soni believes that knowledge is power and the path to true happiness. Under her leadership, the school continues to be future-ready through infrastructure development while still being connected with the wisdom of the Rishis.